An Apple A Day

A healthy harvest has always been a fall focus, so there’s no better time to enjoy the crisp, nutritious apple
Vero Apple17

As we begin to usher in the fall season, October may evoke memories of apple picking, hot cider and changing leaves — at least for those of us who grew up in the Northeast. Whether you’re a lifelong Floridian or a recent transplant, we can all agree the changing season feels a bit different down here by the beach. But as friends return to town from their summer travels and family members begin to visit more as our tropical humidity lifts, why not welcome the change of season with a new harvest-inspired menu? The following hearty salad and refreshing sangria  make for the perfect al fresco lunch or dinner. Looking for an easy way to entertain this fall? A giant chopped salad that can be served in one dish (a bowl) with one utensil (a fork) keeps things streamlined and simple, and a make-ahead pitcher drink like sangria means you can spend time catching up with your guests instead of being stuck behind the bar. Of course, these recipes work just as well if you’re dining alone; the nutrient-rich kale is sturdy and holds up well for leftovers, and the sangria will last a couple days in the fridge, its fruity flavors becoming enhanced with time.

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