All Things Bold And Beautiful

A Toronto couple discover Vero Beach – and a designer whose colorful palette captures their personalities.
New white oak wood floors throughout brighten the house with a white-wash finish. Another pop of color and contemporary artwork can be seen in the Lawson’s stairwell. Titled “Flying over Rio,” it’s the work of Vero Beach artist Timothy Sanchez.

Jim and Sue Lawson never considered owning a home in Florida. Simply put, their perception of the Sunshine State lifestyle didn’t fit with theirs. The active couple enjoyed living on the outskirts of Toronto no matter how much snow and ice winter sent their way. Skiing and hockey – Jim played professional hockey during his earlier career – were their sports of choice.

But when a good friend of Jim’s invited them to his John’s Island home the couple’s feelings began to change. Even though they didn’t plan to stay long, what they saw and experienced during their initial visit to Vero Beach convinced them to return and explore the area further. The more they explored the more they liked what they found and it didn’t take long before they contacted a Realtor.

“We started looking at houses all over the island, in Orchid, the Shores, the Estuary, here at Palm Island Plantation, and part of that was getting comfortable with the community,” says Jim.

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