Adding Savor To Your Salads

Three Vero Beach chefs suggest ways to make salads that are tasty
as well as nutritious.

A salad can really excite a chef. They start with the freshest seasonal produce and layer ingredients for vibrant colors, zesty flavors and myriad textures to create what is most likely the healthiest, lightest and most nutritional part of a meal. To dress a salad their touch is also light and often simple – using the freshest herbs, best extra virgin olive oil and just the right acidic touch to bring out the best in the ingredients’ flavors.

When a salad is eaten is a matter of personal and often cultural choice. Many feel a salad promotes digestion of the heavier aspects of a meal and, therefore, is best eaten with or after a meal. For Americans, however, the salad is usually the refreshing prelude to the main event. Then, of course, there is the main dish salad for people who want a complete but more moderate dining experience in one satisfying dish.

As long as a salad is light, it works before, during or after the meal – or as the meal.

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