A Sense Of Home

Rather than hire a professional, Mary Marshall decided to decorate her new house herself, with stunning results.
Handsomely designed, the Marshalls’ two-story home reflects the Monterey style of architecture derived from Spanish Colonial houses and adapted here for contemporary living in Vero Beach. The overhanging porch shelters the front entrance while the balcony railings exhibit Chippendale-style influences. The exposed rafters and overhanging eaves bring about a casual elegance that’s ideal for a sub-tropical climate. Verdant landscaping complements the house while integrating it with the setting.

Alexandra, Scott and Kyle were not at home. Play dates and other activities had taken them elsewhere, though it would be hard to miss the fact that youngsters live in this house. No, there wasn’t a clutter of toys that required artful sidestepping, nor was there that particular degree of telltale disarray associated with kids, and, no, nothing was sticky, either. Nothing immediately obvious gave away their presence.

But even the briefest of glances after stepping into Mary and Chris Marshall’s house in Palm Island Plantation could fail to overlook the family photographs. They are especially evident on the walls embracing the staircase leading to the second floor, the Marshall brood’s attractive domain, where a slew of photos relate the many good times shared by family and friends.

There’s no mistaking it: This is a cheerful family home blessed with an abundance of love. Mary and Chris radiate their commitment to their children’s well-being and have created a home ideally suited to family living. Mary’s talent for attractive decorating has made it all the more warm and inviting.

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