A Puppy For Grandma?

Be careful – dogs as gifts are not returnable with proper labeling and a receipt!
You can forego the sometimes unwelcome surprise of a new puppy in favor of involving the gift recipient in the process.

Peggy’s initial reaction to the furry gift was that of shock and awe. There it was under the Christmas tree: a squirming, squealing, chubby little bundle of endless puppy need, and it was all hers. What could she say at that moment, sitting with her children and grandchildren sporting ear-to-ear smiles? She smiled too, and murmured something she hoped was appropriate.

She hadn’t taken them seriously. Shortly after Peggy’s husband passed away, her daughters began to apply pressure. They worried about her being alone in Vero Beach. A dog would provide companionship and protection, they told her. She waved off their advice, looking ahead to more freedom to travel, play lots of bridge, and hone her golf game.

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