A Passion For The Past (And The Present)

From Gettysburg to the moon, Dr. Robert Taylor loves to tell America’s story.
For the last 11 years, Robert Taylor, Ph.D., has been captivating audiences with his enthusiasm for the past. His monthly History Forum at the Vero Beach Book Center has a steady and loyal following.

In the wrong hands, history can be a dry, boring subject. But when Dr. Robert Taylor takes it on, his audience—whether listening to him talk or reading one of his books—might laugh or nod in agreement, even raise a quizzical eyebrow in surprise. The last thing they’d do is doze off.

Taylor has been informing and entertaining the merely curious as well as the serious history buff for 11 years with his monthly, in-season History Forums at the Vero Beach Book Center. An associate professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, he began taking his teaching into this different kind of classroom when he and two fellow historians, Patrick Smith and Nick Wynne, conducted a panel discussion at the Vero Beach Book Center. After the program, standing around talking to folks in the store, it occurred to them that doing the same thing every month, dealing with a new and interesting work of history, would be a lot of fun. Thus was born the monthly History Forum.

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