A Matter of Grave Concern

Isolated and often neglected, Indian River County's cemeteries are silent witnesses to the lives of local pioneers.
Fellsmere Brookside Cemetery

Cemeteries are quiet, easily-forgotten places, yet they stand as reminders of all that has gone before us, briefly memorializing each human life, unique and individual. Inevitably, these lives are reduced to a mere snapshot; each stone answers a few questions while giving rise to many more.

Indian River County is home to several cemeteries, some large, some small. Whatever the size, they are the final resting places of those who have paved the way for life here on the Treasure Coast. Our founders are buried here – those who braved the steamy wilderness, mosquitoes and alligators to establish Indian River County. The graves of veterans of at least seven wars are also here – those men who fought for freedom and independence, win or lose, for the country they loved.

Some of those earlier Floridians prospered and flourished; others endured desperation and suffering. Each life is an intricate tapestry of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat.

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