A Home For All Ages

This multigenerational retreat is eco-friendly – and full of surprises
Designed for maximum family enjoyment, the living room features three different areas where everyone from toddlers to seniors gather to share meals and conversation, relax, read or simply savor the ocean view.

Just looking at the house from the street you would never know there is a “hidden room” above the garage. You wouldn’t even know it once you were inside the 10,000-square-foot oceanfront residence unless you happened to take the elevator from the ground level to the second floor and saw four buttons instead of the expected three. Then you would begin to realize there’s more to this house than meets the naked eye, including 800 photovoltaic solar panels integrated with the concrete roof.

But there’s more about that in the telling of a larger story that began with an invitation and led to the building of a multigenerational family retreat.

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