A Flavorful Fiesta

Spending Cinco de Mayo at home? Margaritas and guacamole can spice up any evening

This month we’re keeping it simple and offering you two recipes that complement each other perfectly: margaritas and guacamole. These two Mexican classics are the perfect pair for a flavorful fiesta
— and a nod to Cinco de Mayo. In case you’re not familiar: Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It’s one of those funny holidays that’s been turned into an even bigger deal herein the U.S. than in Mexico, probably in some part due to people looking for an excuse to drink tequila. This year it’s sure to draw some extra followers as it happens to fall on a Taco Tuesday.

Even if this year’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta is a small — or even virtual — one, every moment we spend with our loved ones deserves to be celebrated.

This month’s magical combo is all you need to transform an ordinary after- noon into something special. Whether you prefer it creamy or chunky, spicy or mild, guacamole is hands down the most popular dip around. It gets bonus points because avocados are actually good for you, which of course helps to balance out all the tortilla chips.

You’ll definitely need something to wash down all the guac and chips, and, boy, do we have you covered! An ice-cold margarita with a salted rim (always) is perhaps the most refreshing cocktail for a warm Florida evening. Our healthy-ish version skips the store-bought mixes in favor of freshly squeezed citrus and agave nectar. It’s super fresh and dangerously sip-able; we think you’ll agree that it’s hard to stop at one round. Cheers! Or should we say “Salud!”

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