A Cleveland Cottage Is Reborn In Riomar

Listen to a vintage house and it will tell you what it wants.
Draped on the branches of the live oak tree are traces of resurrection fern. Blue saliva and pink lamium enliven the pots while blue daze and liriope mingle happily underneath the tree.

Tucked behind a venerable live oak tree rumored to be 300 years old, a 1929 “Cleveland Cottage” sits on a quiet lane in Riomar. The house generates huge curb appeal: a front terrace invites visitors with its fanciful iron chairs, hanging pots of plants and flowers, and picket fence ornamentation.

In the 1920s, a man from Cleveland arrived in Vero Beach and fell in love with the live oaks and ocean breezes on the barrier island. Before long, a whole colony of his fellow Ohioans arrived and settled in, founding the present-day Riomar neighborhood. Among them was a Mrs. James Ford, for whom the 1929 cottage was designed by an architect from the Cleveland firm of Dunn & Copper.

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