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The Quirky World of Leslie McGuirk

Starting with refrigerator magnets, this Vero Beach writer-illustrator has developed a magnetic attraction for readers of all ages.

There is simply no denying that there is "something" about Leslie McGuirk. It could be her infectious smile. Or maybe that something is really tenacity, and the satisfaction that comes with flying in the face of disappointment and obstacles - and winding up an international phenomenon.

Leslie is one of those "overnight" sensations who in reality took years of hard work to make her mark. Even as a chid, Leslie had her share of naysayers. In elementary school, she was scolded by Miss Pritchard, her fourth grade teacher, for drawing bellybuttons on her animals (her classmates still remember the threatening way in which the teacher told her to "never do that again!"). She didn't draw for quite some time after that.

Later, about 10 years ago, when she came up with an idea for a design with angels, she was told, "You can't do this. no one cares about angels." As Leslie, points out "Now look!"

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