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Recreating The American Dream

Using the model of Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND), Pointe West's master plan uses classic American architecture and planning, with golf and equestrian amenities, to unite generations of Indian River County residents

There's something special about porches, those gathering places where family and friends come together to share news of the day and dream for tomorrow. They're really quite simple things, yet they have the ability to take us back to a time when life seemed less complicated, less rushed. Like a Norman Rockwell painting, porches prompt nostalgic memories of neighborhoods we grew up in - or wish we had. They remind us of a time when friendly was in fashion.

Pointe West, the new community coated on State Road 60 between the Indian River Mall and Interstate 95, promises to recreate that atmosphere and more.

It's the kind of place OnSite Management Group was inspired to develop. 

Their dream of creating a community patterned from the Traditional Neighborhood Design has at last become a reality, a Mechling, President of Pointe West, along with partners, Tom Jones and Steve Melchiori, couldn't be happier. 

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