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Painting Ports of Call

With Phil Steel aboard, a 10-day cruise of the Mediterranean not only covers the waterfront, but teaches watercolor techniques on board and ashore

The seasides and landscapes of Italy and Spain have inspired artists the likes of Da Vinci and Raphael, Dali and Picasso, and, according to Treasure Coast artist and architect Philip Steel, they still work for him and for the students and fellow artists who have accompanied him on working/learning tours for the last five years. These countries and others, as well as the U.S. coast from Florida to maine, have served as the inspirational spark for countless artists, including nine Floridians and a New Yorker who, last October, traveled aboard the Holland American Luxury liner MS Noordam, stoping at scenic ports of call all over the western Mediterranean. 

Highlights of the cruise included workshops, hands-on classes conducted by Mr. Steel and guided tours of such magnificent locations as Palma de Mallorca. Casablanca and Corisca, as well as the classics Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Cadiz and Lisbon. The scenic and artistic aspects of all the locations are the focus of the visits, which range from three hours in Cadiz to nine or ten hours in Florence or Rome, including transportation from the ship to the city. 

Read the entire article in the Summer 2001 issue