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Indian River Council on Aging

In The Service of Others: Even the less affluent among us can grow old gracefully

Growing old does not discriminate with regard to race, color or creed. And neither does the Council On Aging, which provides transportation, meals, respite, adult day care, recreation, education and a myriad of other services to more than 3,000 senior citizens each year. Everyone is welcome there, as one can see looking over the activity room. And, at the Indian River Council on Aging, Seniors RULE!

According t Indian River Council on Aging Executive Director Arlene Fletcher, "aging is an equal opportunity - we all get it!"

What makes an older person different from a younger person?

"That's a good question," Fletcher responds. "When people grow old, they don't change - they're just older! They are exactly the way they were when they were young; they keep the same characteristics as when they were young. They are still the same person, just as kind as always, just as mean as hey were before, just as smart as they were before, just as talented as they were before." young people don't understand that.

Read the entire article in the Summer 2001 issue