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Catch 22 of the Day

Local Flavor: Culinary adventures in and around Vero Beach

When U.S. pilot Yossarian in Joseph Heller's book about World War II wanted to get out of the Air Force, he attempted to convince his commanding officers that he was insane and should be discharged. They told him that trying to get out of the Air Force was prod that he was sane and therefore he could not be discharged. That's Catch 22. Hilarious.

When commercial fishermen finally get through the red tape and official obfuscation and are granted permits to fish, they're told they can't fish where the fish are. That's Catch 00. Not funny, according to Moby, owner of Pelican Seafood in Fort Pierce. Moby, whose real name is RObert Paul (but everybody does call him Moby), was a commercial fisherman who changed careers 17 years ago for "four reasons: a wife and three kids."

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