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The Terrifying Voyage Of The Mary T

The Perfect Storm, a best-selling book now made into a major movie, has powerful memories for Vero Beach's Johnston brothers, who fought their own battle with "the storm of the century."

When you first meet the Johnston brothers you get the distinct impression that you are in the presence of tremendous competence. They are articulate, polite, good-looking and love their children. They’re the kind of men you’d like to have around in an emergency.

Having endured several tragedies in their early lives, the Johnstons are no strangers to adversity, but they have used that adversity to learn the value of family and how to stick together when times get tough. So when Tim Johnston says, “When they’re on land, some commercial fishermen are alcoholics and drug addicts. But after a couple of days at sea, they transform into hardworking, top-notch fishermen,” you might not guess that he and two of his brothers spent more than 10 years in that same line of work.

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