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The Boat People

They prefer to be called "yachties"—but call them what you will, living on board a 27-footer in a Vero Beach marina can be a life-changing experience.

“So, what exactly do you do on a boat?” There is something about being a live-aboard that makes people look at you a little strangely, and for the first few months the question would put me on the defensive.

“Pretty much the same thing you do in your house,” I would say. “I live, sleep, eat, read. All the normal stuff one does while at home.”

Though the question irritated me, I could understand where the questions were coming from. Before moving aboard, I had always thought there was something a little offbeat about people who lived on their boats. So I find it funny (both comic and ironic) that initial reactions to the eccentricity of the situation are what offended me the most.

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