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Don't Cry

Local Flavor: As versatile as Vidalias, Florida's sweet onions titillate the taste buds without turning on the tear ducts.

You probably didn’t know that Florida’s sweet onions can give Vidalias a real run for the money. In fact, there are those who prefer Florida Sweets to any other — and why not? While you might not choose to bite into one as if it were an apple, you could. And you can peel one or chop it or dice it without your eyes starting to stream tears.

There is another difference in sweet onions. They are generally fresher than regular onions and since they’re fresher, they contain more water, another reason they taste so mild. They’re also measurably higher in sugar content: some contain up to 15 percent sugar compared to regular “storage” onions that range from a mere three to five percent.

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