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Local Flavor

Flavorful recipes for wild or farmed fish

Wild or farm-raised, seafood is brain food and can be a no-brainer to make. I find a fillet of fresh flounder or a tuna steak to be amend the easiest and tastiest of dinners. The following recipes, provided by two of the area's finest seafood chefs, are easy enough for weekday dinners, but qualify as good enough for special occasions.

Consistency of quality and supply are two reasons many seafood retailers and restaurants depend on farm-raised products. Most of the salmon and much of the shrimp available to consumers is aqua cultured and raised to stringent standards of safety and flavor. t not only relieves pressure on wild fisheries, but sometimes even brings down the price. And, although some purists maintain the flavor or texture is inferior, if its cooked right, most diners would never know the difference. Wild or farmed, you, too, can cook it right with help from Michael Forbus of Carlucci's and Philip St. John of the Uptown Grill. 

Read the entire article in the September 2001 issue