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How Green Is Our Valley

By creating elevations where none existed, the Quail Valley Golf Club is providing Vero Beach with something it has never had: hills.

As those of us who live here know, Vero Beach is a city that has much to offer: a picturesque coastline, sublime sub-tropical climate, an abundance of exotic flora and fauna. Yet there's barely a hill in sight. 
There are certain local golf coursesw sitting atop the Atlantic Ridge that take pride in there "elevations." Pretty much everwhere else, all you can find are wannabe hills, little more than mouds with aspirations.
Now, thanks to Steve Mulvey's determination, Tommy Fazio's imagination and NIck Price's keen eye for the perfect shot, 292 acres of Vero Beach and 295 members of Quail Valley Golf Club can lay claim to substanial hills with gracefll slopes. Hills long enough to create...valleys!

Read the entire article in the September 2001 issue