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A Fascination With Death And Dying

Keith Rommel is on the verge of becoming a star as a novelist and screenwriter.

Keith Rommel likes to challenge his readers' imaginations.

Keith Rommel likes to challenge his readers' imaginations.

It took Keith Rommel five years to write his first novel, a thriller based on a real-life event that his uncle related to him. He wrote when he could, usually late at night, as a hobby. After many rejections and a lot of self-promotion, he found a publisher willing to take a chance on a debut novelist.

The Cursed Man was published in 2011. Since then the 45-year-old Vero Beach resident has written 12 more novels and one nonfiction work. Ten of his books have already been published by Sunbury Press. Several others are in the process – he seems to be backlogging his editor at Sunbury. 

In addition, Rommel has co-written two screenplays based on his first two novels. The movie version of The Cursed Man is being released at the end of this month on Halloween eve in California. The second motion picture is awaiting release in early 2017. At this rate, one can only imagine what the next few years will bring.