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They're In The Mood For Love

Peacocks are prolific birds but can become a problem if they take a liking to you – as local songstress Frances Langford discovered.

Florida offers a wealth of exciting wildlife. Here in Indian River County, we have alligators and manatees, sea turtles and river otters. We have sandhill cranes and tall wood storks, osprey and great blue herons. And some lucky – or very unlucky – neighborhoods even have wild peacocks.

Most people know peacocks for their spectacular blue-green feathers, with the distinctive eye-markings, long regal trains and stunning fanned displays. As with birds of most species, only the males have this beautiful plumage, which they use to attract females. The males fan their feathers wide, vibrating and rattling them for added enticement, and perform a wily come-hither dance. It’s likely the female selects the males with either the most beautiful feathers or the most “eyes.” Then again, maybe she picks the best dancer.

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