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In Search of That ‘Wow!’ Photo

Indian River Photo Club members are intrepid globetrotters, lugging their lenses to the farthest corners of the world.

Mike and Anne Ricciardi shooting from the train in Alaska.

Mike and Anne Ricciardi shooting from the train in Alaska.

In March, 2008, photography enthusiast and long-time Vero Beach resident Donna Green packed up her Canon 5D full frame digital single lens reflex camera, her 28mm wide angle and 300mm telephoto lenses and headed west. She was bound first to Phoenix, Ariz., then on to Sedona and the incredible early morning and late evening light of Monument Valley and the Superstition Mountains.

“I had never spent much time in Arizona,” she says. “It was extremely impressive and I learned a lot. The so-called ‘golden hours’ just before dawn and right after sunset are very special.” On the Geronimo Trail and in Slide Rock State Park, she photographed cacti, and in Monument Valley she took shots of spring wild flowers, one of which won an award at the Backus Gallery in Fort Pierce, a juried exhibition. “Photography,” Donna says, “is an integral part of every trip I make.”

The same is true of many Vero Beach residents who choose destinations based on photo ops, zooming in on subjects ranging from polar bears in the Arctic and penguins in Patagonia to markets in China and the expressive faces of the people in Vietnam.

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