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You Call It Dressing, I Call It Stuffing

Local Flavor:There are two primary schools of thought about the bread-based side dish that’s everybody’s holiday favorite. One school calls it stuffing and places it inside the turkey; the other calls it dressing and cooks it separately. Of course, there’s no law against serving both.

Wanda Knight, reigning matriarch of several generations of Knights in Vero Beach,  adheres to the latter method. Her cornbread dressing  is prepared in a casserole, and she uses it to accompany her turkey every Thanksgiving. She’s made it the same way for nearly 50 years, and that’s the way her family likes it.

Mrs. Knight and her husband, Victor, were both born and raised in Vero Beach. Their four children and their children’s six children were born here, too, including 11/2-year-old Joshua, a fifth generation Vero Beach Knight.

The family’s citrus packing business, Riverfront Groves, keeps son Dan, a company vice-president, and son-in-law Dan Richey, president, busy; daughter Audrey Richey is the firm’s part-time accountant and mother of three.  

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