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The Spirit of Christmas Futures

Delicate Christmas ornaments can be a solid gold investment.

It just isn’t true.  Christmas doesn’t come but once a year. At the Four Seasons Store on Azalea Lane, Christmas is a permanent condition. Oh, there are brief flings with Halloween and Easter, some year-round valentines and non-seasonal bears, but this is Christmas all the time, every day. Just open the door and the breathtaking wonder of Christmas morning floods your eyes. The display is nothing short of dazzling. Every inch of wallspace sparkles with ornaments.  Half a dozen or more trees are overloaded with decorations of every shape and hue and with elaborate figurines richly embellished with gold and silver.

This compact and tightly packed, extravagantly glittery shop overflows with Christmas collectibles of every kind except plastic, Styrofoam and cheap.  It’s the only complete Christopher Radko collection in the country, and the store produces the second largest volume in dollars of the Radko chain of 18 Starlight Stores.

Read the entire article in the November 2000 issue