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So, You Want To Be An Actor

A behind-the-scenes look into the Florida Professional Theatre Association's annual auditions.

Beth Dimon and Josephine Hall traveled in opposite directions to get to Vero Beach, but they are both here for the same reason: to find work. Riverside Theatre’s Artistic Director Allen D. Cornell is also in Vero Beach at the same time, but for a different reason: to find people to hire.

The end of August in Vero Beach doesn’t sound like the perfect place to look for work or to find someone to hire — unless you are in the business of theater.
From Aug. 26-28, Riverside Theatre was the site of the 2000 Florida Professional Theatre Association’s (FPTA) annual workshop and auditions. The event drew more than 300 actors and more than 30 different theatre companies, including Cumberland County Playhouse in Tennessee, the Kravis Center for Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Seaside Music Theatre in Daytona Beach, American Stage in St. Petersburg and Universal Studios in Orlando.

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