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Sharing Nature With Children

Here in Vero Beach, you can have an exciting wildlife adventure in your own backyard.

Tip-toeing turns to stomping about five minutes into our evening “explore." And, although a five year old with a flashlight is not the most subtle predator in the dark, my grandson and I maintain the hope that we will surprise the owls that live in our barn and, at least, glimpse their feathered flight as they depart to look for their dinner in the pasture. We are not disappointed, and Devon jumps with momentary anxiety as two barn owls screech and wing over his head.

This evening trek has quickly become a tradition when Devon comes to visit and is a source of shared pleasure for both of us. It is fresh and exciting for him as his sense of discovery and adventure is awakened. For me it is yet another chance to experience simple pleasures through the delighted eyes of a child. Years before it was full-moon horseback rides and wildflower and spider web walks with my own children that would create both a bonding with nature and with each other.

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