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Diana Kennedy's: The Essential Cuisines of Mexico

The task of putting three early cookbooks together has not been an easy or happy one,” explains best-selling cookbook author and doyenne to Mexican cooking Diana Kennedy in the introduction of The Essential Cuisines of Mexico. “Each of these books represented a milestone in my life, and I have lived happily with them ever since their publication. Now I have clarified the recipes when possible, bringing them up to date without losing the spirit of their generation. I have tried to leave the introductory texts untouched because they are ‘word pictures’ of what I saw and experienced during those years: a Mexico of the past.”

Born in England, Diana Kennedy first went to Mexico in 1957 to marry her husband, Paul Kennedy, a New York Times correspondent. She fell madly in love with the country and its food. In 1969, at the behest of erudite food critic Craig Claiborne, she began teaching Mexican cooking classes, and she wrote her first cookbook in 1972. Mrs. Kennedy has been awarded the order of the Aztec Eagle — the Mexican government’s highest honor. Fully entrenched in all that encompasses Mexican cooking, she keeps residence in Texas as well as in an ecologically responsible adobe house in Michoacan, Mexico, that also serves as a research center for Mexican cuisine.

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