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A Celebration of Style

Designer Luis Lapitz's "Sea Cottage"

Picture a place where one-of-a-kind antiques, elegant armoires and luxurious linens create an exciting and embracing ambiance.
And the view? None other than the Atlantic Ocean.  

Welcome to “Sea Cottage,” the home of Luis Lapitz, a multi-faceted designer who combines shape, color, and texture to create memorable scenes and entertaining experiences. This is a gathering place where friends come to enjoy conversation, cocktails and superb food, whether seated on the terrace, out on the dune walk or around a large wood table that comfortably seats twelve.

Nowhere is the avid collector’s artistic touch and joy of discovery more evident than in this Orchid Island setting, for it is here that Lapitz, an international seeker of fine treasures, has captured the eclectic essence he is so well known for.

Read the entire article in the November 2000 issue