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The First Lady Of Windsor

Model, businesswoman, philanthropist and royal representative, Hilary Weston’s many achievements include one in Vero Beach.

Hilary Weston photographed at The Gallery At Windsor.

Hilary Weston photographed at The Gallery At Windsor.

She comes to Windsor whenever she can spare time from her schedule as the wife of Canadian billionaire Galen Weston, the mother of two children with four grandchildren, and a professional life that includes well-documented skills in business management and philanthropy.
“It’s always a pleasure to fly down to Florida,” says Hilary Weston as we bask on the sunlit balcony of her Windsor home. “Especially when winter is doing its best to make life difficult at home in Canada.”

Though Hilary thinks of herself as primarily Canadian, she began life as a middle-class Irish girl growing up in the coastal town of Dalkey, near Dublin. The oldest of five children, she recalls her days there as “quiet and uneventful,” though her early years were spent living on the perimeter of a Europe torn apart by World War II.

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