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Some Like It Cold

Cucumber, grapes and strawberries are ingredients that can transform a winter favorite to warm-weather winner.

Strawberry Soup with Goat Cheese Coulis.

Strawberry Soup with Goat Cheese Coulis.

Soups are a mainstay of a chef’s repertoire; along with sauces and stocks, they are often one of the first components in a formal culinary education. Chefs also admit to great satisfaction in making soup because it allows them to be creative with the ingredients (and can we also say leftovers?) in their kitchens. And creative they are!

In winter, chefs bring out their favorite hearty soups and chowders. For spring and summer they devise chilled soups that feature the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables in simple combinations, with garnishes of contrasting colors and textures, to provide a refreshing and healthy experience that excites the eye as well as the palate. Creamy vichyssoise, crunchy gazpacho, refreshing cucumber dill, colorful strawberry and melon soups are a perfect first course on a hot afternoon or warm evening

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