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New Flavors for an Old Favorite

Custom-designed cupcakes are a tasty temptation at two Vero Beach caf├ęs.

Mike and Debi Atkins, owner of Classy Cupcakes.

Mike and Debi Atkins, owner of Classy Cupcakes.

So you think cupcakes are just for kids? Well, think again! Today, cupcakes are a lot more than an easy treat to take to an elementary school birthday celebration or a holiday party. Oh, they are still that, but much, much more.

Cupcakes are elegant, fashionable, trendy and whimsical. With mounded peaks of frosting covering the cupcake’s crown and topped with delicately carved designs, they are sophisticated enough for a dinner party. Or with creatively decorated tops of virtually any and every conceivable image, they are perfect for a themed event. Today’s cupcake bakers mix colors, textures and flavors, creating little masterpieces that their customers devour first with the eyes.

Bakeries with gourmet cupcakes are popping up all over the country. In Vero Beach two such cupcake cafés have arrived on the scene to the delight of people of all ages. They are Classy Cupcakes at 712 21st Street (slightly west of Miracle) and Frosting at 2915 Cardinal Drive (in the Oceanside Business District).

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