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Florida's Fabulous Ferns

Fern fiddleheads provide endless fascination.

Fern fiddleheads provide endless fascination.

As many of us move to reduce our expansive lawns, the trees and shrubs we plant in large groupings to produce an easier-to-maintain landscape also create more shade. If we have chosen wisely, these groupings are wind-resistant and drought-tolerant after their initial establishment period. Homeowners like the fact that their new groves cool the air and provide areas where leaves can fall where they may. But most flowering plants don’t grow well in the shade, so how can you enliven these glens?

Let ferns come to the rescue. They provide refreshing, shade-tolerant texture in your landscape. Unlike flowering plants, which may not be attractive when not in bloom, ferns always put their best fronds forward.

In Florida we also have a wide variety to choose from; in fact if you build the right habitat, ferns may choose you because their spores travel far and wide.

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