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Another Promise, Another School

A year after he enthralled Vero Beach audiences, Greg Mortenson is back building schools in the most dangerous region on Earth.

Greg Mortenson wrote his best-selling Three Cups of Tea to document his humanitarian campaign to build schools in Central Asia thereby attempting to improve the appalling lack of education provided for girls. Readers and donors all over the world were inspired by the book’s message and, locally, by the author’s personal appeal in Vero Beach a year ago at the Emerson Center. They will be happy to know that his work in some of the most remote and impoverished areas on Earth continues, and they can now follow his remarkable and ongoing journey in a recently published sequel, Stones into Schools.

Picking up where the previous book left off in 2003, Stones into Schools begins with a promise. A group of 14 Kirghiz horsemen, descendants of nomadic tribes who migrated into Central Asia from Russia in the 13th century, rode south into Pakistan from their home in the remote Wakhan Corridor of northeast Afghanistan. Their purpose was to meet with Mortenson and ask him a simple question: Would he help them build a school?

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