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A Miniature Bite Of Bliss

Today’s brides are opting for cupcakes in lieu of or along with the traditional wedding cake.

Classy Cupcakes’ Classy Champagne Cupcakes - Purchase the June 2015 issue for full recipe!

Classy Cupcakes’ Classy Champagne Cupcakes - Purchase the June 2015 issue for full recipe!

Dating back to ancient times, traditions surrounding wedding cakes have been steeped in symbolism. The Romans crumbled a cake of wheat over the bride’s head to symbolize good fortune. In medieval England, small spiced buns were piled into a towering stack challenging the couple to kiss over its pinnacle, thereby blessing them with a life of prosperity. Queen Victoria, who was the first to have pure white icing – royal icing – on her cake, served a 300-pound cake at her wedding to Prince Albert, introducing multi-tiered cakes and ornamental grandeur.

Today’s fare is as individual and diverse as the couple getting married. The traditional three-tiered wedding cake, while still very popular, is no longer de rigueur. In fact, ever since Carrie and Miranda munched on them in an episode of “Sex and the City” in 2000, cupcakes have been showing up at weddings in dramatic displays either alongside the traditional cake or in its place. Popular programs like the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” have served to further the yearning for a soupçon of sweet indulgence in a gazillion flavors. 

Jessica Letts of Classy Cupcakes on Miracle Mile says, “For weddings, a lot of people go for cupcakes instead of cakes. Not only do they offer a greater variety of flavors but they may cut costs as most venues will charge extra to cut a cake.” Classy Cupcakes offers over 80 flavor combinations with names like “Drippy Lemon Razz,” “Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake” and “Banana Chocolate Chip” with maple buttercream and candied bacon, all of which can be made into a standard cake. Despite the plethora of options, Jessica says the most requested flavor is still vanilla bean with buttercream icing which they make with Tahitian vanilla beans. Their most popular designs are rustic and, not surprisingly, beach themed.