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Food Like Nonna Used To Make

The head chef at the Amalfi Grille learned Italian cooking the old-fashioned way –
in the family kitchen.

Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass

Bob Rose, owner of the Amalfi Grille on Royal Palm Pointe, capsulizes the keys to a successful restaurant in this way: quality, quantity, service, price and consistency. “Not necessarily in that order, but each has to be there,” he insists. While he and his staff work hard to ensure the Amalfi excels at all, he has recently added two features to further enliven an already bustling hive of culinary success – a full bar and a dining patio.

“We have a tremendous wine list, but we were losing a table a night because we could not offer patrons a cocktail,” he says. “Now we can.” Last fall he obtained a liquor license for the restaurant, and customers for whom a pre-dinner cocktail is essential have discovered the food at Amalfi Grille and are returning again and again.

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