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Care Net: Sharing In A Life

Sponsored by Bob & Sandy Brackett; Dr. Charles Celano; Helen Crockett; Clete & Beth Deller; Dr. Peter & Marilyn Froehlich; Zack Fulmer; Caroline Ginn; Bernard & Marge Grall; Rev. Gordon & Cheryl Hine; John Jelmby; Danny Langston; Joel & Vicki Molinari; Judge David C. Morgan; David & Carol Pearson; Rene & Cornelia Perez; Thomas W. Rider, M.A., LMHC; Dan & Andrea Royce; Kathleen Schulke; Patrick & Phyllis Schulke; Charles & Jill Searcy; Robert Sexton

November 8:  The Care Net Pregnancy Center held its annual Share-in-a-Life Banquet at the First Church of God. The evening’s speaker was Kirk Walden, founder of LifeTrends, a company serving more than 1,100 life-affirming ministries around the world. Proceeds benefit the organization’s programs and services.

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