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They're Not Just Cops

Every one of Indian River Shores' Public Safety Officers is also a certified firefighter and paramedic or EMT. It's the only town in the country that can make that claim.

Any job applicant who is looking for a role on NYPD Blue or for high speed chases,  shootouts and other drama, is in the wrong place,” says Hugh Cox, Director of Public Safety in Indian River Shores. This small and peaceful village, with a winter population somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000, isn’t likely to be the setting for a prime-time cop show, but that’s one reason it’s so highly thought of by its residents and one reason the Public Safety Department has a waiting list of qualified applicants for its rare job openings. In the words of Captain Bill Schauman, second-in-command, “We’re not a nail and jail operation.” In Indian River Shores, the department’s philosophy hinges on service and safety. Its motto is Courtesy and Excellence.

Read the entire article in the January 2001 issue