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Animal Attraction

George Ealovega has pursued careers in advertising and assault weapons, but his true love is capturing wildlife on canvas

Most people would be content with one successful career.

Not George Ealovega, of Vero Beach. Many people would be satisfied to live comfortably next to one of the largest land holdings in England, but George moved on. Most inventors would be ecstatic to hold a world-wide patent, but George, who holds several, has decided that his recent armament project is no longer fun, “It’s too scary.” Most safari travelers who have been mauled by a lion would give it up and be glad to be alive. You guessed it. Not George. 

George Ealovega has done all of the above and more. Raised on a farm in Michigan, he’s lived as an adult in Ger-many and England and traveled over most continents. He’s a mechanical engineer and inventor, a photographer and painter.

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