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An Oceanside Oasis

Only a unique individual could have created the treasure that now graces our Vero Beach shores.  

She is a modest, very private person, who would not allow us to use her name or address, but here is her home and all the loving agonies that produced it. Although the house was built in 1941, the present owner didn’t move in until 1971 when she arrived with her former husband and young son.

“I absolutely loved it,” she recalls. “Having been raised on a Caribbean island, the oceanfront ambiance made me feel right at home.” Except for one low-rise condominium next door, the two-story, wood-frame house stood alone on a wide lawn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled behind the main house were a garage and an attached guest suite. The property offered a welcoming charm tempered by time. Almost immediately its owner began envisioning improvements and renovations.

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