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A Dream That Never Was

A brilliant engineer, his lifelong ambition was to build a "farmer's paradise" in a town he called Fellsmere. But bad weather and bad luck turned the dream into a nightmare.

Tucked away in the remote northwest corner of Indian River County lies a serene little town where life goes on much as it has for many years.  There are few cars on the tree-lined streets, and, not too many years ago, the town council voted to reduce traffic by banning horses and mules from the two main roads. Here, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Blockbuster Video are nowhere to be seen. In their stead, the old brick schoolhouse stands majestically, despite the broken windows and years of neglect.

Life was not always so sleepy in this small farming community, where nearly everyone earns a living by the sweat of his brow. A century ago, pioneers came from far and wide to settle here and take part in what was to become a farmer’s paradise, far grander than anything yet seen in Florida.

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