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A Bit Of Elegance And Sophistication

Angie Law-Smith’s Sophistiqué Palate offers a medley of global flavors for your next party.

Puff Pastry Hearts with Smoked Salmon - Purchase the issue for full recipe!

Puff Pastry Hearts with Smoked Salmon - Purchase the issue for full recipe!

I’m sitting across from Angie Law-Smith, discussing her life traveling the world aboard commercial and private jets as a flight attendant. She was born in Switzerland and now lives in Vero Beach. What strikes me most is her winsome smile, easygoing manner and wholesome beauty. Poised, confident and immediately likeable, she epitomizes the glory days when flying was glamorous and beauty, key. You get the feeling you would be in good hands flying the friendly skies with Angie. 

Today, in her soft Germanic accent, she’s telling me what brought her to Vero Beach and how excited she is about her new catering business, Sophistiqué Palate. Harnessing all her knowledge and expertise along with that renowned Swiss hospitality, her new venture offers elegant hors d’oeuvres and confections for cocktail parties and social gatherings. 

Born Angelika Fäs in Sankt Gallen, a small town in Switzerland, Angie’s life reads like a fairy tale – one of excitement, travel and adventure. But it’s also a story of determination, grit and sheer hard work. Angie tells me she had always dreamed of destinations far away. “I wanted to see bigger things. I wanted to go to cities. It bothered me we had no train station [in her home town] as I wanted to leave quickly and go somewhere.”