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Capturing The Moment With Derek Gores

An innovative artist produces a complex collage for the Windsor Charity Polo Cup.

Derek Gores, know for his

Derek Gores, know for his "collage portraits," created the official poster for the 2014 Windsor Charity Polo Cup.

The polo player leans forward, mallet held high as he readies to strike the ball. It’s a scene so realistic you can almost feel the intensity of the moment as, together, man and horse race towards the goal. Yet, instead of flesh and bones, the rider and his steed are a collage of pictures, words and numbers culled from magazines, menus and maps created by artist Derek Gores for the 30" x 40" 2014 Windsor Charity Polo Cup commemorative poster.

“I tried to capture the athleticism and elegance of the sport in this gorgeous setting,” says the Melbourne artist who is known for his portrait collages. “Instead of selecting images from fashion magazines like I usually do, I chose things that are specific to Windsor – pictures from the restaurant menus, the café wine list, small details that are meaningful to the folks who live there. There are also little pieces from a map of Vero Beach that show people how to get to Windsor. It’s my way of including text, which is something I like to do in all my collages.”

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