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Small Portions, Big Taste

Three Vero Beach tapas restaurants offer their patrons a wide range of healthy options.

Havana Nights' Smoked Salmon Plate

Havana Nights' Smoked Salmon Plate

Think “tapas” and what comes to mind? Spain, most likely, their country of origin. Or maybe a nibble, such as a plate of olives to enjoy with a chilled glass of wine or frosty mug of beer. Tapas may also evoke an atmosphere of relaxation – a time to slow the pace and unwind among friends.

According to popular legend, tapas date back to 19th-century Andalucía, where the white grapes are grown that produce Spanish sherry. Tapa is the Spanish noun for “cover,” and as the story goes the townspeople sipping sherry would “cover” their glass with a slice of bread to prevent tiny fruit flies from diving into the sweet beverage. Soon, the bread was topped with a bit of cheese or ham. Gradually, other savory morsels appeared and these became almost as important as the liquid refreshment. In time, the items were no longer complimentary but served as an accompanying snack that was ordered from a menu.

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