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In Deep With Triton Subs

A Vero Beach company races to conquer the terrifying Mariana Trench.

East of the Vero Beach I-95 exit, in a nondescript yellow building close to the Route 60 truck stop, a small team of dedicated “Davids” is busily working to thwart the ambitions of two of the biggest “Goliaths” in the mysterious, sometimes murky world of underwater exploration.

The name of the little Vero Beach company is Triton Submarines, though it should really be Triton Submersibles. As the firm’s vice president of marketing Marc Deppe explains, “Submersible doesn’t mean much to the general public, but everyone knows what a submarine is. Both are vehicles that go below the water’s surface, although in the case of the most sophisticated submersibles they can dive much deeper than any submarine.”

Read the entire article in the February 2013 issue