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18th Place Auction

Nathan Guilford of 18th Place Auction Inc.

Nathan Guilford of 18th Place Auction Inc.

Owner and auctioneer Nathan Guilford has opened 18th Place Auction Inc. east of Old Dixie at 18th Place in downtown.

The auction house specializes in estate and charity auctions, art, antique and collectible auctions, real estate auctions – including condos, land and commercial property – car and boat auctions, business liquidation and excess inventory auctions and divorce liquidation auctions.

Nathan graduated from the Texas Auction Academy and is a member of the Florida Auctioneers Association and National Auctioneers Association. He has been attending auctions since the age of 10 and has bought and sold millions of dollars of assets.

18th Place Auction Inc. is located at 1103 18th Place. Auctions are held several times a month. 492-8555. nathan@auction18.com.

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