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Christmastime At Tara

A 20-year tradition continues as the Grall family puts on the biggest show in town.

Merry Christmas! If you’ve never visited Tara Plantation and been greeted by those words, be sure to do so this December. Since 1990, members of the Grall family have invited the public to share in the joy of the Christmas season, and this year promises to be the best ever.

Since early September dad Bernie, wife Marge and their children BG, Erin, Heather, Matthew, Patrick, Bridget, Shannon and Colleen have been busy at work stringing hundreds of thousands of lights, trimming multiple trees, hanging swags, arranging centerpieces, setting up Snow Villages, dealing with dozens of stuffed bears, trains, miniature carolers, toy soldiers, snowmen and a life-size reindeer, and deciding where Sleeping Santa should curl up and take his annual snooze. By the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Tara Plantation, home to the law offices of Grall, Glenn & Grall on SR 60 and the surrounding property, will be alive with the sights and sounds of the season.

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