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Kings of the Kitchen

Most of the world's great chefs are men, so why do so few husbands do the family cooking?

Retired executive Ted Colangelo at home in Orchid Island:

Retired executive Ted Colangelo at home in Orchid Island:"My mother learned skills that were handed down through generations of mother to daughter."

A man in the kitchen often means one who makes toast and coffee for breakfast, or who is adept at the adjacent outdoor grill charcoaling something as uncomplicated as burgers and hot dogs or steaks custom-cooked to perfection – as long as everyone requested theirs medium rare.

Yet a number of local men who are not professional chefs dispel this stereotype. Whether they like to share cooking duties with their wives on a regular basis or take on the leading role while entertaining, they are quite at home in the kitchen. We found four such culinary stars who agreed to share their cooking experiences along with their favorite recipe. As different as their stories are, they all share something, and that is that they started cooking as children inspired by their parents.

Ted Colangelo, retired marketing and advertising executive, lets the creativity at which he excelled in his work life carry over into his passion for cooking. In fact, when he retired just over 20 years ago, he decided that cooking would be a major part of his retirement plan. He immersed himself in cooking and jumped at every opportunity to take classes – often with notable chefs.

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