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Vero Pop

From wine flutes to fitting rooms, Teri Barrett's artwork adorns surfaces all around town

Teri Barrett.

Teri Barrett.

Teri Barrett took a leap of faith 20 years ago. Her faith was in her art, which gave her joy. The leap was in turning her art into a business, creating customized work to give joy to others. 

She describes her work as “fun art rather than fine art.” And her whimsical style has covered virtually any paintable surface, from driftwood to glass, walls, sandals, hat boxes, furniture — even an ice cream truck. You name it and Teri has probably painted on it. 

In her home, where she has lived since a child, she converted a spare bedroom into her studio. There she works at a painted-splattered table with natural light coming in from a north facing window. The studio is full of glassware, canvases, a lampshade here, a serving tray there and other surfaces for commissioned work.

Artworks by Teri is her business and while it may be small, it is successful. Her murals are found in homes from Vero Beach and California. She has painted the walls of dressing rooms in Vero’s beachside shops and in the public restrooms at Indian River Shores Town Hall. 

Work on smaller surfaces has been shipped all over the country. Artwork for notable occasions is a specialty: bride and groom champagne flutes for wed-dings; picture frames for baby gifts, complete with the infant’s stats; caricatures on canvas for graduation; milestone birthdays with cherished moments painted on a goblet. Anything to make the customer feel special and happy fulfills Teri’s dream.