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Take The Plunge Into Poetry

A new generation of poets is nurturing a passion for the written and spoken word.

Charlotte Terry remembers feeling some trepidation at the Laura (Riding) Jackson (LRJ) Foundation’s first Poetry & Barbeque in April 2010. “I worried nobody would come. So I was truly surprised when over 100 people arrived wanting to hear poetry,” says Terry, who still marvels at the full house – or tent in this case.

Jackson, who is recognized in the Who’s Who in 20th Century Literature as “one of the most consistently good women poets of all time,” moved to Wabasso in 1943 and lived here until she died in 1991 at the age of 91. The LRJ Foundation was formed in 1992. One of the missions of the foundation is “to promote literary programs that nurture a passion for the written word,” including raising awareness of issues important to the community. This annual event is just one of the ways the foundation accomplishes this mission.

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